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SI Manage Key Features


SI Discover and Manage are two different product offerings. If you have the SI Manage module, by default, you will also have the SI Discover module. However, you can also get the standalone SI Discover. Please contact your CSM for further details.

SI Manage Key Features

SI Manage provides all of SI Discover's features plus even more capabilities.

Integrations to more than 3800 SaaS vendors

Once SI has finished discovering all of your SaaS applications, SI Manage allows you to dig deeper. You can get more benefits such as usage and utilization information by integrating each and every SaaS vendor directly. It is likely that your SaaS application is already available in SI, ready to integrate. The list of supported SaaS vendors is growing every day.

Financial Planning and Analysis

As previously mentioned, SI provides SaaS spend breakdown and trend analysis by services or organizational units. Here you can also set up budget allocation by SaaS application.

Budget Enforcement

You can set automatic budget alerts for SaaS subscriptions with consumption-based pricing.

Application Engagement Analytics

You can detect changes in usage and consumption pattern, provide in-depth insights on user engagement, license utilization, and resource allocation.

Renewal Management

Leverage the renewals calendar and automatic alerts for upcoming contract renewals. Leverage utilization insights to support negotiations and contract right-sizing.

User Lifecycle Management

Define a set of SaaS applications needed for new employees and track if access was provided. For employees leaving the organization, validate if access was successfully revoked.


User Lifecycle Management requires Okta with Lifecyle Management module

Self-Service SaaS Portal

Provides quick access to software tools and supports back office to streamline application authorization and provisioning IT workflows.

Entitlement Management

License consumption analysis supporting entitlement rationalization and right-sizing, cross-organization license procurement, pooling and allocation of SaaS applications as well as contract consolidation.


The UI of the products is not necessarily complete, exhaustive, accurate, or up-to-date due to continuous development. The look and feel of the UIs are subject to change.

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SI Manage Key Features

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